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Brutalmania.io is a game similar to games such as MiniGiants.io and Evowars.io, designed by NightSteed Games. It is based around earning money and getting kills while keeping the player's health as high as possible, and with the money the player may then upgrade their level, weapon, and avatar.


Upon loading up the game, there is a prize for how many days the player has played in a row. The player is, upon collecting the reward, given 3 options for weapons: Simple mace, Bat, and Simple hammer. The player is also given the initial avatar, Peasant. As the player levels up their avatar, the player is given more options for weapons and avatars, which they must also buy.

After choosing or not choosing a name and clicking play, the player is put randomly somewhere on the map, initially with two bars of health, or 1000 health. During the first game, depending on the weapon, when they click, they can deal up to 380 damage. There is a reload period before they may attack again, during which their movement is stopped. As the goal is to kill other players, there is a certain amount of strategy to the game. The player has an in-game level as well, which grows as they eat more red orbs. After they level up, they receive coins (30), and also gain an extra bar, or 500, of health, also regenerating three bars, or 1500, of health. As they get kills, they earn more coins (20 or 40, depending on the victim's level in relation to the player), red orbs are ejected from the dying opponent.

They may also start to earn achievements. These achievements can be accessed and redeemed by clicking on the button with a trophy on it. There are achievements for killing enemies, earning coins, making multikills, playing games, collecting orbs, opening daily reward boxes, upgrading weapons, upgrading evolutions, and unlocking all Social Media boxes. These give you chests (see below).

When the player dies, they are given a chest to open, which if they watch an advertisement, is upgraded to the next level. The player is given a certain number of coins from opening a chest, in the following amounts:

  • Wooden Chest: 25-50 coins (50-100 from playing streaks)
  • Iron Chest: 50-100 coins (400-800 from playing streaks)
  • Golden Chest: ? (1500-3000 from playing streaks)
  • Diamond Chest: ? (4000-6000 from playing streaks)
  • Death Chest: ? (8000-12000 from playing streaks)

Leveling up[]

After the first round, some coins may have been earned, which the player may use to raise the overall level, which can be found in Upgrades. When they level up, the player earns more spawn-health, and may also be able to buy more weapons or avatars.