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LittleBigSnake.io is a popular snake game created by Addicting Games in 2018 with perks, quests, and a colorful arena. Aside from the normal Slither.io-like gameplay, LittleBigSnake.io gives players the ability to become a bug, which can steal food and fly, as well as slugs, bubbles, unlockable skins as the player progresses though the game, and a detailed environment with rivers, mountains, and a thorny edge rather than the usual red border. It is the most popular snake game ever.


LittleBigSnake.io is set up differently than most games. When a user first joins the game, they are greeted first with a short tutorial and then are allowed to play the game, often completing many quests on their first round. Quests can unlock chests, give cards to unlock skins, and train the snake to be faster, more agile, or gain more mass.

The account can be confirmed using either Email or Facebook. Previously, when the servers were based in Russia, the popular Russian social media site VK was also available, but this has since been discontinued.

Gameplay continues just like any snake game, encouraging players to circle smaller snakes, consume slugs and bubbles, and dodge other players. When the snake enters a river, it drastically increases speed but consumes more food. Rivers meander throughout the map, and occasionally have mountains (tall rocks that kill snakes, slugs, bugs, and bubbles) along their shores. Mountains appear elsewhere also.


LittleBigSnake is a very socially-oriented game, with the option to friend users, work in teams, and plan events, all from the Friends tab. There is no limit to the number of friends.


LittleBigSnake's account setup allows users to progress through the levels with each game. The larger the snake, the more points will accumulate. These points, in turn, go into coins and experience as well as tiers in the "kingdom."


LittleBigSnake.io is widely regarded as the best snake game ever, with a bright and vibrant color scheme and a unique environment. The accounts and member services also contribute to the popularity, as it makes users feel that they are playing a regular video game, but for free.