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Paper.io is a popular Splix.io-like game developed in 2018 by Voodoo. A sequel, Paper.io 2, is hosted on the same website. Paper.io 2 was released in 2019 following great popularity. A slightly different game but visually similar to Paper.io 2, Paperio.live, is also popular.



In the game, the player has to compete with other players to capture the entire arena. Players may defeat others by running their head into other tails; running into their own will kill them. The point of the game is to capture as much territory as possible by encircling it. With enough game-play, skins may be unlocked, which enhances the experience. There are 8 game-modes in Paper.io: Classic, Small, Fast, Turbo, Small+Fast, Slow, and Inverted Controls. There are also quest challenges which unlock skins.

Paper.io 2:[]

In the sequel, game-play is similar, except the player is guided by the mouse rather than the arrow keys. There are 4 game-modes: Classic, Small, Fast, and World Conflict. World Conflict is unique in that the spawn dot is where the capital of the chosen country is, and all that is needed to be defeated is to have the capital become captured by another player. Unlike in Paper.io, the border does not kill players unless they run straight into it or accidentally backtrack into their own line if they are hugging the edge.


Labyrinth has two game-modes: Classic and Egypt. Labyrinth is a single-player maze adventure, where the player must try to escape without running into the walls.


Agarpaper is a spinoff of Agar.io but using squares rather than circle, and the game-play is similar to Agar.io.


There are also mini-games. Paper vs Blocks is a mini-game where the player has to accumulate score by eating the circles while steering clear of the squares, which can kill the player. Christmas is a Christmas-themed mini-game where players must avoid running into the presents, which kill them. Otherwise, Christmas is played just like Paper.io.


There are a number of skins that may be unlocked by sharing, completing quests, or merely by regular game-play.


Paperio.live is a small Paper.io clone with many similarities of game-play to both Paper.io and Paper.io 2. There are 6 servers, three on the US East Coast and three on the US West Coast.